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This update brings you cute BrokeStraightBoys newcomer Mississippi native Sky Clesi in his second hardcore scene, bareback fucking young red-head Richie West.

Earlier this year, BrokeStraightBoys introduced a new guy called Sky Clesi . He did his first hardcore scene, fucking hot hunk Benjamin Dover. Here, Sky Clesi fucks Richie West, the cute red-head with that great ass.

Sky has become very popular with their members very fast. Currently, he’s their second most popular model, just behind Jake Spencer. And two of his four hardcore scenes so far are currently their most popular videos. This one with Richie is the second. And his latest, bottoming for Jos is the current #1.

So Sky as already taken that big step and bottomed for the first time. Other than Jake Spencer, who is still top only. But BrokeStraightBoys members don’t like it when the guys are not willing to overstep their boundaries. So Sky definitely has a good chance of replacing Jake as their #1 soon.

Teaming up Sky with Richie really makes a great video. Both guys have similar built, a cute and curious. Richie is of course more experienced one, having been introduced over a year ago. Still, it’s great to see how Richie leans back and lets the newcomer play with him and be in charge.

Sky told us in his interview, that he defines himself as mostly straight. He said that he’s a little bit curious(however that works), but has never acted on it and fooled around with another guy. But since he’s on a gay porn set, it would be silly to deny it.

Although this is Sky’s second hardcore video, you can tell that he’s really nervous. It also looks like he’s totally excited. Or does he blush because he took some penis enhancement pills? Either way, it’s a great video, and Richie’s little bubble butt looks amazing here. I will soon bring you his scene with Jos, where he bottomed for the first time. You can of course already watch the full video on BrokeStraightBoys.

Sky Clesi Fucks Richie West from BrokeStraightBoys:


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