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Issue #136 from Freshmen brings us two very hot and hung young studs, thick cocked Peter Annaud bottoming for handsome jock Kirk Gauguin.

Kirk Gauguin & Peter Annaud from Freshmen Issue #136 features two very popular guys, who have been in high demand lately, on both BelamiOnline and Freshmen. They even went together to Colombia for last year’s birthday series. But somehow, Kirk and Peter didn’t film a scene for that production. Which is kind of sad, since their locations there were amazing.

So here, we get to see these hot guys enjoying each other in one of their studios in Prague, Bratislava or Budapest. Peter is scheduled for a live show on BelamiChat and about to give their viewers a nice and hot show. But Kirk is horny and has other plans with Peter.

Everybody loves Peter’s big, fat and beautiful cock. Kirk is no different. He pulls Peter’s fat dong out of his shorts and starts stroking it, trying to convince him, that the cam show can wait. And now, that Peter’s dick is all hard and throbbing, there is just no way he can reject Kirk.


They walk over to the bed, jump out of their clothes and start sucking each other big hard dicks. Kirk’s cock is quite impressive, too. And while Peter is usually the top, here horny jock Kirk is in charge. It’s quite obvious, Kirk is not a twink anymore. He’s ripped and hung and a great top, as we can see in this video.

I always had the impression Peter enjoys bottoming. Maybe even more than topping. He sure doesn’t seem to mind here, that Kirk stuffs his big hard dick up Peter’s hot and hairy hole. He cums hard while Kirk pounds him deep. And then continues until he’s also ready to shoot.

Earlier this year, Kirk suddenly appeared on Staxus as Kirk Cane, fucking Beno Eker . Honestly, I’d be sad seeing him leave BelAmi. He’s a guy with a lot of potential and sure fits in perfectly at both, BelamiOnline and Freshmen. Let’s see where the future will take him.

Kirk Gauguin & Peter Annaud from Freshmen:


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